Welcome to Body is Voice

It’s a place grounded in our physical centre, the sea of breath.
It’s a space to be explored by moving, sounding and listening.
It’s a presence of our resonant voice inside and outside the body.

Body is Voice is about discovering ways to bring movement, breath and voice together.
The work offers tools and pathways to tap into our resources and to explore the quality of sounds, movement and stillness inside the different spaces of the body. The idea is to develop ourselves towards a creative state where movement and voice are equally present ways of expression.

Body is Voice work consists of breathing, moving and vocal exercises which are inspired among others by Roy Hart voice work, Release Technique, Body-Mind Centering (BMC), Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement. Musicality, rhythm and texture of voice are explored through the different structural spaces of the body. What is the quality of voice when initiated from the pelvis? Or from the soles of the feet? How does the voice affect the movement, and vice versa? The bridging link and anchor remains the breath. Natural deep breathing which reaches till the bottom of the pelvic floor is initially the force which gives us the sense of connection between movement, voice and thinking. Solo, partner and group exercises and improvisations enhance the ability to listen, generate unique movement and vocal material and stay in tune with the present moment. They offer a frame from where we can reach out towards creative wilderness and unknown areas of expression. It is the ability to surrender oneself to the body’s inherent intelligence which is the seed of this work. Diving deep into the resonating body, we open the physical and psychological doors for unexpected moving and sounding body landscapes.