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about_schmalI’m a dance-voice artist, performer, body-oriented voice teacher and acupuncturist. Movement and voice work, creative sharing and healing are all coming from the same source.

I studied new dance in Amsterdam at the School for New Dance Development from where I graduated in 1997. SNDO was at least back then an unique place to study with classes a.o. in Contact Improvisation, Release technique, Body Mind Centering, experiential anatomy, composition and improvisation. The school gave us the chance to explore movement from within and respecting our own body. After Amsterdam, I moved to Berlin which was for a long time my base for working internationally as a freelancer. I was inspired by different cultures, life situations and people and let that influence my physical and vocal expression. During the years I have created many
performances which combine movement, sound and voice in a comprehensive way. In 2013 I moved back to Helsinki where I originally come from.

I have been teaching body-oriented voice work in many countries since 2006. My teaching is based on my experiences as performer and explorer of the body and is influenced by the Roy Hart Theatre work, contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation, Butoh dance, yoga, Body Mind Centering and Authentic Movement practice. I call my work Body is Voice.

I practise and teach Meridian Stretching and yoga. I’m a student of Chinese Medicine since 2014 and giving acupuncture treatments and massage.


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