Authentic Movement



Authentic Movement is an improvisational movement practise of being in the present moment. It is done with eyes closed and in the presence of one or more witnesses. The mover starts from a neutral state of simply listening to the body. Nothing has to be produced. The idea is to let go of judging and follow the inner impulses of the body. Mostly, after a while, spontaneous movements, sounds, pictures or feelings starts to rise. The witness watches and notices her inner responses to the mover without judging or critizing. The role of the witness is to support the mover by holding the space and sharing the concentration. Afterwards the mover and the witness exchange their experiences verbally or by drawing, writing and moving.

Originally Authentic Movement integrates Jung’s concept of active imagination with modern dance movement improvisation. First initiated by Mary Whitehouse in 1950’s and later further developed by Janet Adler, AM has become a practise bridging many traditions.
It is an open form which can work as a meditation, ritual, playful fun, therapy, communication and community process and as artistic support.

AM is a simple and yet powerful practise. It enhances the body intelligence and clarity of mind. The relationship between mover and witness creates a space in which we can share, respect, support and communicate with each other from a state of deep honesty.

I have practised AM for almost 20 years and never get bored. Every session is unique. I have naturally added the use of voice as an equal means of expression for the mover.