Meridian Stretching



Meridian Stretching is a series of postures and movement sequences which activate and balance the meridian channels of our body. It was created by Shizuto Masunaga, the founder of Zen Shiatsu. Meridian Stretching is both relaxing and stimulating the energy flow between all our important organs and physical functions. A calm and deep breathing plays a natural role while doing the postures.

In Meridian Stretching we move the universal life force which in Asia is called Chi or Ki. The free flow of Chi through all meridian channels is crucial for our physical and mental well being.

We have 12 primary meridians in the body. They are connected with the organs and located on both side of our body. These meridians are divided in six Yin-Yang-pairs in which every pair is sharing the flow of Chi. Additionally we have 8 so called extraordinary vessels out of which the two most important are located on the central line of the body, one on the front (Yin) and one on the back (Yang). These vessels act as reservoirs and support the flow of Chi in all the meridians. Yin and Yang are the two sides of the same energy and therefore complementary.

The order of the postures in Meridian Stretching follows the nourishing flow of Chi in the meridian pairs. We usually stay in the postures for the duration of five breaths. When we inhale the meridian gets activated. When we exhale the fresh Chi flows along the meridian line.

A session of Meridian Stretching can last between 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the amount of postures practised for every meridian pair.
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