In my artistic work I combine movement, voice, piano and field recordings. Lately my focus has been on movement and voice improvisation, site specific performances and interdisciplinary projects.

For me, improvisation is an accurate way of working which engages my full attention. It is a tool to develop and renew my artistic expression in movement and voice. I challenge myself to move out of my comfort zone towards unknown waters where I can no longer be sure of my identity. I explore the role of the performer as an intermediary between the different layers of reality.  I’d like to diminish the veil between the audience and the performer by bringing performances out in the open, into the surrounding of our every day life. I work to extend the acknowledgement of the art of improvisational performance and sharing practises which reflect the relationship between the body, voice and the environment.

Past and ongoing performance projects and close collaborations :

2019-2020 Layers improvisations project with Pia Lindy and Annika Tudeer. Next performances coming up in September at the Mad House theatre, Helsinki.

2017 Triot & Guests 8-9. December at 19:00 at Maunula talo, Metsäpurontie 4. Two evenings of movement, voice and music improvisation performances.

2016 A Room for Oneself -an experiential sound performance for four women voice performers:
Heini Nukari, Irene Accardo, María Ferrara and Flóra Zsemlye. Premiered in Berlin.

2015-2017 Layers -two improvisation solos by Pia Lindy and Heini Nukari.
A collaborative project with the aim of finding new ways of developing improvisation skills for performances and pedagogic use. Until now performances  in libraries, book shops, University Theatre Helsinki, “After Contemporary” Festival, and at the Zodiak – Center for New Dance in Helsinki.

2014 Aistima -movement and voice improvisation by Maria Kananen and Heini Nukari.
2014 site-specific solo improvisations in Osaka, Japan.

2012 Inside Pockets -a debut album of the band Cosmopolitan Dogtrot.
Compositions, text and vocals: Heini Nukari , compositions, arrangements: Marco Ponce Kärgel.

2011 Iki Aito Sisko -audio-visual exhibition project with field recordings and photography by Heini Nukari and Aura Nukari. Produced and presented by Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Japan.

2010 Koomori Soi -performance for voice, movement and Koomori-instruments.
Design of Koomori instruments: Joerg Fahlenkamp. Premiered in Japan.

2009 Serpentime -performance combining music and dance. Premiered in Berlin.

2008 Insight Out – Hear to See -audio-visual exhibition project. Field recordings: Heini Nukari, photography: Joerg Fahlenkamp. Produced and supported by Institute for foreign relations, Germany and Akiyoshidai International art Village, Japan.

2007 Niko Niko Maa Maa -performative concert and field research.
Created during a 70-day artist in residence at the Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Japan.

2006 Whitedogballads -solo for voice and movement. Developed during the stay at the Roy Hart Centre for voice work. Supported by the city of Berlin.

2005-1998 Working as the performance duo TRAVA with Anna Jankowska. Productions: Hella!Helle! (2005), Kuloflux (2005), Gleis Novi Sad (for Ballett Vorpommern, 2004), Kindasorta Concert (2003), Tonic (2002), No Time for Was a (2001), Trashfox&Hangedman (2000), Hahmomania (2000), Station Kautschuk (1998). TRAVA productions were produced by Tanztage Berlin, TanzWerkstatt Berlin, Theater des Augenblicks Wien or production office Barbara Friedrich, Berlin.